Criella Defrost

Tiefling, Bard, Hermit


AC: 17 +1 Studded Leather Armor
HP: 29

Spear 3 1d61 piercing range- 20/60 versatile 1d8+3 piercing
Dagger 5 1d45 piercing range- 20/60


Born to human parents, a young tiefling is left alone in the wilds prior to her home being searched for a tiefling child. She is left to fend for herself due to a mistrust of the tiefling race by others. After sometime wandering the wilds young Criella became entangled in a trap and yelled for days for help. Finally a couple hear the cries of a weak child and rush to her aide. After releasing her and giving her food and water the couple take her in and give her a home, teach her how to entertain and create stories. The small community she is raised in learns to trust her even though they are scared of her to begin with. She doesn’t leave her little community until she decides she want to show the world she is a good entertainer and a good person.

Criella Defrost

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