Jheri Yarjerit

Blue Dragonborn, Fire Bender, Folk Hero


AC: 14
HP: 34

Elemental Strike 5 1d63 fire
Great Club 5 1d83 bludgeoning
Light Crossbow 3 1d81 piercing
Longbow 3 1d81 piercing

Breath Weapon:
Lightning Dex Save = 13 failed save= 2d6 success save= 1/2 damage

Damage Resistant to Lightning
All damage is fire damage


Defining Event: I stood up to the tyrant, Yaemita’s, agents.

The tyrant Yaemita’s agents are after me because I refused to worship “Yaemita, the Conqueror”. I do not trust her, since her take over in the year 141 she treats all commoners like we are expendable and not worthy of living in her kingdom unless we do everything she demands of us. One step out of line and we are punished without mercy.
I created a resistance that is determined to see her down fall and someone worthy of our once great nation take up the throne again. The resistance is based out of Ciongodh, we are currently recruiting and attempting to expand our reach within the kingdom. I am currently on a mission to recruit for our cause to Ashpond. I will do everything in my power to see my home land returned to it’s former glory, ruled by a just and fair ruler.
I was born and raised inside of Tytus and under Yaemita’s rule. As I grew and saw how the people were treated by the military according to her orders I had a great distaste for the way things were run. By the time I was 21 I had stepped in when I saw some soldiers beating a older gentleman. I stepped between the victim and the assailants insisting that they were as low as a bullywug with the way they were ganging up on the older man. That made them quite angry with me and started my beating. For my actions I was exiled from Tytus for “disturbing the peace”, according to the laws.

Long Term Goals:
-Take Yaemita out of power
-Put into power someone worthy and honorable
-Bring the nations together so they would help each other should someone try to take over any nation again to rule the world
-Help Ignis Kingdom regain it’s resources that have been extinguished in the last 40 years

Jheri Yarjerit

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